1. There are many calcium products on the market, how do they compare with BioCalth's Calcium?

  • BioCalth Calcium is in its own league, for no other calcium product on the market is covered by as much as 3 U.S. patents, which may help enhance bone collagen formation, benefit the overall bone and joint health.
  • Maximum absorption and bioavailability.

2. At what age should I start taking BioCalth Calcium?

  • Healthy bones and teeth start at infancy from nutrition provided by the mother. It is important for all ages of people to maintain good bone health.
  • BioCalth Calcium  is suitable for people above 15 years old. For kids between 4-15 years old, please check our BioCalth Kids.

3. What is the different between Chewable Tablet and Caplet?

  • They both have the equal amount of calcium.
  • The caplets are white and no-flavor, which are preferred to take with water;
  • The chewable tablets are light pink and strawberry-flavored, which can be melted in mouth without water (just like a candy!)

4. Can diabetic people take BioCalth's Calcium?

  • BioCalth Calcium has no sugar added. However, we still recommend you to discuss with your doctor before taking any supplement.

5. Why there is no Vitamin D in the formula?

  • Vitamin D is usually added to help increase the absorption of calcium. BioCalth’s calcium is already has a maximum absorption rate, so there is no need to add extra vitamin. Besides, overtake Vitamin D may cause extra burden to kidney/liver.
  • For normal people, basking in the sunshine for 15 mins per day is long enough for our body to create plenty of Vitamin D that we need.

6. After I notice the changes of my body, should I continue take BioCalth's Calcium?

  • BioCalth Calcium is good for long-term use. We are losing calcium every single day. It’s just like we eat food every single day, we cannot eat lots of food for today, and tell ourselves we won’t be hungry again tomorrow. Calcium is elemental on a daily base, we need to make sure we have enough calcium from our diet and supplement.

7. How to storage BioCalth Calcium?

  • The ingredient of BioCalth Calcium is pretty stable. You could leave it in the office or put them in your cabinets at home. Just avoid direct sun.
  • Children love to take our BioCalth Kids. Parents need to make sure they won’t over intake, and please keep the product out of reach of children.